Monday, September 17, 2012

9/17 The Weekend Shoes Update

Hey everyone! I hope you all have had splendid weekends. I am so thrilled to shoes you all of these shoes that  I have been drooling over. What I love is they are all so chic and colorful and in-style. I would love to hear your feedback so feel more than free to comment with you opinion.

What do you think of these shoes? I am completly in love with all of these. I mean the colors and prints and studs are just all so fantastic! I am sure any of these shoes would add life and creativity in your closet.
Get them Here:
1- Here 2-Here 3-Here 4-Here




  1. I can't choose a favourite pair, they are all stunning!

  2. Love all of these!!! Lost your email somehow, email me when you can girly!! Xx