Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blogger Interview : Amanda Nortman

Hey everyone I thought today I would interview one of my favorite bloggers. Please comment and feel free to get to know her. (check her out here)!!

What made you start blogging?
I’ve always been interested in fashion and I love to write so I wanted to do something that would combine the two. I started blogging shortly after I transferred from Indiana University, as I wanted to immerse myself in something that I was passionate about.

Favorite fall trend?
Military/camouflage – hate war, love fashion!

Item I couldn’t live without?
Plain white T-Shirt… goes a long way. I use a white tee as a blank canvas to start my outfit and see where it goes from there. Keep it simple!
Favorite thing about being a blogger?
Everything!  I enjoy getting dressed, modeling, photographing, and writing – no complaints for me there. Blogging is a wonderful outlet and is very rewarding.
 Go-to outfit?
The 3 C’s… casual, comfy, and chic. I never look too dolled up, as I believe less is more. I love the whole effortlessly “thrown-together” look. I guess my go-to outfit would have to be a pair of denim shorts, a classic white/black tee, a bold color flats and one of my Balenciagas. I’m all about wearing neutral colors but bringing the sizzle with fun accessories that pop with colors.


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