Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspiration Post

Hey all of my lovely readers! I hope you are all doing swell on this lovely day. I am so pumped to show you all these beyond amazing looks that I have been coveting. I was debation on whether I should right a post on street style or do a collage so I did both for you guys. So please take a look and I hope you enjoy!

Isn't this jacket just super awesome! Don't you adore the studs? I love em!! I mean a studded trench coat--pretty epic. I love how it is match with a simple striped shirt which makes it all look so classic and crisp.

Even though summer is over I am still craving light dreamy pinks and nudes. I love how feminine this is and I do also love to bright pop of color! So awesome.

More Fun Fashion:
{Pics via Pinterest}


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