Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Redefining the Black & Gold Manicure.

I am in desperate need of a lively manicure. I love when my bracelets and nails match and creative that rocker chic look. Recently, I have been getting the usual manicure ( black nails with gold tips) but these pictures have completely inspired me to try some funkier patterns and textures.
I am obsessed with glitter and fun prints. I personally love the mixture of white, black and gold. The lines and are all so funky! 
Get the Gold: Nars Gold,
I know that these nails are obviously fake but I think that they are absolutely amazing. To me they look like tiny shiny mirrors. Come on how creative and cute are these? 
Wow the simplicity and classiness of this manicure is stunning. I am amazed with the flawless gold ring to me it actually looks like an sticker or something.
This is my absolute favorite manicure. It must take a ton of skill though (and patience) which I do not have much of. But the end result is that it looks really beautiful and it is very creative as well.


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