Friday, November 2, 2012

The Glitter Update

        I apologize that I haven't been posting articles since Tuesday but I have no power due to hurricane sandy. This storm has been crazy most of NY is left without power and the lines to buy food is crazy so it has been an insane weekend for me. I would like to thanks all of my followers who e-mailed and texted me (love ya guys ).

           Today I wanted to focus on the main concept of my blog which is glitter! I love glitter as you all know and I wanted to share with you guys some sick ways you can incorporate glitter in you looks. This spiked glitter leopard shoe has been my absolute obsession! I can't seem to find it anywhere though which sucks. I found some other sick shoes here, here, here(my favorite!!) and here(the cutest little boots!!). Let me know what you think of those (even if you hate them). 
Now the pictures you have been waiting for...

{Pics via Pinterest}

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  1. The leopard heels are stunning! I'm your newest follower :) I hope you follow back!