Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Statment Cuff

Hey Everyone. Today I am going to share some of this seasons hottest cuffs. I have feel in love with all these pieces! I hope you all like them too. These pieces will definitely jazz up your outfit because they are all so unique.

Aren't these both just so amazing!! I love all of the jewels on the two cuffs. The first cuff is so unique and has so many different colors and jewels incorporated in the piece. This second piece is probably my favorite! I love how delicate and beautiful it is. It has these stunning crystal wings with pyramid studs. It is surely a statement piece!
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These next two bracelets I think are very unique in their own way. I love the first on because of the fact that it is very pretty and punk at the same time.  I do also like the price (it is very reasonably priced comparing to the others).I think that these two pieces are both really cool and punk. I do love the leather razor cuff because it would look absolutly great with a cool fun t-shirt and maybe even some leather or shimmer pants. Don't you just love that rocker look?
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  1. These cuffs are all great, my favorite is the razor blade one because its so unique.


  2. great finds! the first one is definitely my favorite :)

  3. oooooo, these are amazing! great finds girl!