Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Marriott's Village d'Ile-de-France

Hey my readers! I have this AMAZING hotel that I wanted to review for you guys. At first let me say it is absolutely breathtaking and a wonderful experience! This was my first time in France and let me tell you it won't be my last. I have heard so many wonderful things about this resort that I can't even list everything. I just really want everyone to know its superb. I usually am very picky about everything as my readers know but all I can say is I LOVE!

I love how this resort is located right outside of Paris. It is like a little village which makes me feel so at home. The water body behind the resort was beautiful and I would love to sit there and be lazy and relax. It also has a lot of ducks and swans which were really cute to watch. As you can see the its a beautiful manor countryside style. The hotel isn't anything glamorous and modern but don't get me wrong it is surely a beauty. It is very lavish and big comparing to different resorts that I have been to but this just has so much charm. Even though I like modern architecture I adore this french little beauty. The great thing is it is just one train ride away from Paris. The best thing about this trip was spending my nights in Paris that is something remarkable that I will hold with me forever and I will never forget. This resort is also extremely close to Disney Land so that is one fun day trip as well. Haha I actually went to the Disney Land in France to check it out and I like it soo much better than the Disney Lands in the US. There is a shuttle that can take you straight to Disney so I was like Hey Why Not!! The Disney was so cute and fun and I actually recommend it.
 Now lets talk the interior. I personally thought it was really cute but I did bring some people with me on my trip and they disagreed. They though it needed more umf but I disagree. I love the french charm when I cooked I felt like a 1950's housewife and I though it was so cute.  I stayed in the 3 bedroom villa and it was extremely spacious I could bring like all my cousins and still have space. I found that my villa was probably the biggest one taking into consideration the fact that it was 3 bedrooms.

The amenities were nice but they were like all indoors there wasn't like a big outdoor atmosphere. But that didnt really matter to me I liked the indoor pool very much. I do have to say the service was really wonderful everyone was really respectful and nice and they really did care about they're guests. They weren't just there to give people towels they really were polite and always smiling and willing to help th guests with there needs!
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