Wednesday, August 15, 2012

End of Summer Sales

Summer is ending and there are loads of sales! So in this post I can't cover all of things I want to show you guys. So I will just show you a little sneak peak of all of these marvelous sales. And check out my Pinterest I always post some great deals!

Now, this dress is absolutely stunning! What I love is how light and feminine this dress is. I was looking to find a similar version of this dress ON SALE and well I found it! So click here to check out the similar to and let me know if you like it!
Maxi Dresses! I love these two maxi's in particular because they are both really casual so I could still get so much use out of these two dresses. Whether wearing this on the beach or down the street it's real casual. 

By them here:

Striped Maxi Rachel Pally Lita Dress

              Sandals are also on sale~obviously. I love this first sandal and want it soo much because they are ancient Greek inspired sandals. They are so beautiful and I believe they are handmade in Greece! How elegant... I don't know why but these ancient Greek inspired shoes really fascinate me. Hopefully you all like them too. The other shoe is by Loeffler Randall and as many of you know I love Loeffler Randall. (Hint Hint look at my Ads). As you can see these sandals are so cute with the little flower and will look so darling with a fresh pedicure!

Buy It Here

Ancient Greek SandalsLoeffler Randall Sandals

                These first sunglasses are like so inexpensive~they are $21 now. I am a sucker for a good deal and these are great. Even though I don't really like buying things that are so cheap (because of quality reasons) I still love a great deal. So check em out and tell me what you think! These second sunglasses are defintley more pricey. But yes the quality is much better. So both choices are good depending how much you want to spend. 

Buy It Here:

Cheap Monday Sunnies, Chloe Retro Sunnies

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