Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY: Easy Neon French Manicure

Binder Stickers

Steps 1>
Use whatever light creme nail color you have. I found that this Essie color works best. Just normally put that color all over your nails so that it covers every nail nicely.

Step 2>
Next, apply the Nail harder on your nails. I found that this Deborah Lippmann color looks really nice and is very good for your nails as well. 

Step 3>
Then after the nail color is hard and dry put the binder sticker on your nail. 

Step 4>
Then take your neon nail color. (I recommend this neon yellow color!) And while the sticker is on your nail apply your neon color on the tip of the nail.

And done!
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{Pics Via my Pinboard}