Saturday, June 9, 2012

Desginer Deals Under $100

I think every girl loves to shop for designer clothes. Sometimes designer items can be expensive and in the long run not worth it. I put together some items that are designer and ALL $100 and under.

Those shoes! I know they are amazing. (Click here for for there link) They were orignally $200 but now are 50% off. I definetly want these shoes because they are super unique you can't find these just anywhere. Plus they are good quality (leather) and they also come in white! I think this Marc Jacobs little preppy pouch is adorable. I have a similar one (but it's from Tory Burch) and I love it so this one is great!
Wedges: $100
Marc Jacobs Pouch: $54-$78
I have been loving suede sandals. These I think are amazing because of the color. Blue is one of my favorite colors to wear in the summer/spring time. I hope you guys love them as much as I do! Please tell me what you think of them! I was surprised this necklace price of only $82. I love this so much and the price is reasonable I think i will buy one to add color to my outfits.
 Suede Sandals:$90
Blue Necklace:$82
 Marc Jacobs Little Bag: $88
Pavia Lacquered Suede Wedges: Originally $189 Now $94.50


  1. ooo I really like the Marc Jacob bag! Would be perfect as a make up bag! x

    1. agreed!! and soo glad you like :)

  2. cool stuff and great chunky heels! so inn

  3. Love the leg lengthening chunky heels and turquoise necklace! The perfect summer outfit updates!


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    1. all of the products you picked were amazing! Keep on reading! :)

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    1. I believe they are on sale :) so go get em'