Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Marvelous Mary-Jane

These shoes give me a greenhouse chic yet fairy  tale like feeling. Wrapped in silk; these shoes are just a dream awaiting your feet. I came across these at Anthropologie and just couldn't resist. I can easily pair this with a great lace shift dress. Also I am invited a wedding and I can't wait to show up in these they are so classy and cute.


  1. Love the classy style. I need to get a classy like dress for my graduation party. Git any suggestions? Could you maybe write an post on graduation party dresses or just comment back with some dresses.

    Thanks so much
    great blog!

  2. Hi Mollie!
    Thanks so much :) I'll consider your idea for the Graduation post. Here are some dresses that I think are classy and festive.I am not sure what your price range is so I this the first one is more expensive and the other one is cheaper.

    By the way I checked out your blog and I love the leopard wedges! And thanks again for reading!