Saturday, April 28, 2012

Healthy Glow Look

Now everyone wants to be tan. One way to get tan is to go to the tanning salon but as science tells us that may not be your best choice. Many people tan the normal the sun but that takes alot of time and many people turn red instead of that beautiful bronze color. I think an easy way to achieve that flawless glow is to use some simple products.

 Using a good foundation is really the first step. You want to choose one that makes you skin glow. I personally like this Nars foundation as well as this Bobbi Brown foundation. What is great about them is they are good quality and will work wonders on your skin.

Next you want to make sure you have a radiant blush. I loovve this  Dior blush. Its will make your skin glow and look it's best.
I personally love a great pink. Light pink will really bring out your tan but really any pink or coral will do
the job.
A great eyeshadow and bronzer are definetly key. I like this Stila eyeshadow and Shiseido bronzer it's oil free!


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